Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at St Paul’s Shadwell happens through corporate worship, Connect Groups and prayer ministry, but also occasionally through meeting a member of our Pastoral Care Team.


We encourage everyone at SPS to join a Connect Group. We find pastoral care happens most naturally in smaller settings where we are known and where Connect Group members are encouraged to grow in discipleship and look out for each other.

To find out more about Connect Groups, please click here.

However, if you’re not in a Connect Group, and you require more immediate support, a member of the Pastoral Care Team is available to meet with you.


The aim the Pastoral Care Team is:

  • To meet with individuals to listen and to pray.
  • To point individuals towards a closer relationship with God through discipleship, to help us discover God’s way through the challenges we face.
  • To help individuals engage with the church community in increasingly loving, open and honest ways.

The Pastoral Care Team at SPS are not professionally trained counsellors.
In many cases, SPS will not be able to provide what a person needs in terms of care or advice. In such cases, they may be referred to external professional therapist or agencies while being encouraged to stay within the church fellowship for support and encouragement.

To meet with one of the Pastoral Care Team, please send an email here.

Please read about Confidentiality at SPS by clicking here.